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JUNE  2011

Week Commencing June 27th

On Monday at our Shipley class did a reminder of “PRETEND” in the early session then went through last week’s dance “1-2-3-4” (Niels Poulsen) plus lots of other recaps. In the second half we taught Peter & Alison’s “BEYOND YOUR EYES”, nice easy 32 count 4 wall dance with 2 easy 4 count tags that has had an excellent response at both our classes. 

Playlist for the night was :- Rio, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Hello Dolly, Pretend, Picnic Polka, Busy, Commitment, I Am A Good Girl, Little Red Book, 1-2-3-4 (twice), Burlesque, Pot Of Gold / Country Walking (floor split), People Are Crazy, This & That, I’m No Good, Beyond Your Eyes, The Flute, On The Edge (twice), Telling The World, Soul Food & Only Girl.  

Wednesday night at Saltaire was party night, had an excellent turn out with visitors from a few other local classes and the usual quiz, stand up bingo and wonderful  buffet supper. Didn’t teach anything new, just recaps of a few recently taught dances which included “ON THE EDGE” (Craig Bennett) & “BEYOND YOUR EYES” (Peter & Alison) both big hits with our dancers.

Playlist was :- Cha Cha Lengua, Quarter After One, Upside Down, Drip Dropping, People Are Crazy, Busy, Playing With Fire, Cranky, I Run To You, Plan B, Pot Of Gold, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Unpredictable, Amame, Party Freak, Burlesque, Poker Face, Soul Food, Don’t Be A Drag, On The Edge, I’m No Good, You’re Amazing, Dirty Bit, Razor Sharp, Only Girl, Somebody Like You, Beyond Your Eyes, The Flute, Perfect, All Of Me, Human Dancer, On The Edge (again), Sunset Mambo, Coochie Bang Bang, Telling The World & Walk The Line