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MARCH  2011

Week Commencing March 7th

Arrived home from Florida Monday pm then class at night. First half of night taught  “HELLO DOLLY” choreographed by Lorraine Kurtela to the track of the same name by Bobby Darin, a great success with the class, as was the second dance we taught which both the beginner/improvers and intermediates all got up for “BURLESQUE” (Norm Gifford). Lots of recaps throughout the night as we had been closed for 2 weeks. 

Playlist for the night was :-  This & That, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Rio, Grundy Gallop, Picnic Polka, Commitment, 13 MWZ, Come Dance With Me, Hello Dolly (twice), Playing With Fire, Pot Of Gold, Upside Down / Easy Come Easy Go (split floor), Burlesque (twice), Amame / County Line (split floor), Drip Droppin’, People Are Crazy, Fragile Not Broken, Quarter After One, Dirty Bit, We Belong, Another Heartbreak & Busy. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire we taught Neville & Julie’s “DON’T BE A DRAG” choreographed to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, excellent response from the class with everyone on the floor all three times we played it. We also taught “HELLO DOLLY” (Lorraine Kurtela) that we had taught at our Monday class, a fun dance that only took about 5 minutes to teach. As we had been away on holiday there was quite a lot of recapping to do which included “BURLESQUE” (Norm Gifford), FRAGILE NOT BROKEN” (Dee Musk), & “DIRTY BIT” (Shaz Walton” all floor fillers at our class. 

Playlist was:-  Life Without You, Plan B, Upside Down, Quarter After One, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Drip Droppin’, Poker Face, Amame, People Are Crazy, Unpredictable, Nightshift, Bobbi With An I, I Run To You, Broken Heels, Playing With Fire, Don’t Be A Drag (twice), You’re Amazing, Burlesque (twice), Hello Dolly, Coochie Bang Bang, Fragile Not Broken, Dirty Bit, Another Heartbreak, We Belong, Nightwork & Don’t Be A Drag (again).