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MARCH  2014

March 12th


Great to be back at class after such a long break, first class since February 5th due to firstly weather conditions, then the beer festival in Victoria Hall and then our 2 week holiday, thanks to our class members for their understanding and continued support. We had been asked to teach “TIMBER” (Peter & Alison) by some of our class, don’t usually teach 2 dances but decided to slip this one in. Most had been doing it at other classes for some time but it was still a popular choice. Our main dance of the night which was new to all the class was Ria’s “HIT THE FLOOR”, a 4 wall, 64 count Intermediate dance with no tags or restarts choreographed to “Hit The Ground” (Original FM Cut) by Kique Santiago. A fabulous dance that we had heard lots about and it did not disappoint, going to be a floor filler at our class. Re-capped “NEW YORK 2 LA” (Rachael McEnaney) our favourite dance from the CBA’s, more of a new teach than a recap after being closed for so long but another that’s going to be a big hit with our dancers. A few other recaps needed which included “DREAM LOVER” (Daniel Whittaker) & “THE STORY OF MY LIFE” (Craig Bennett), both going well. With all the teaching and recapping didn’t get to do as many dances as usual.


Playlist was :- Til Forever, Boys Will Be Boys, Liquid Lunch, Jealousy, Jumpin’ Up, Amame, 50 Ways, My First Love, Dance Again, Dance With Me Tonight, Timber (twice), Throw Away The Key, Hit The Floor (twice), Fly High, New York 2 LA, Dream Lover, The Story Of My Life, Hit The Floor (again), I Hope You Find It, Wow Tokyo, In My Heart, Something In The Air & Knockin’ On Wood.