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MARCH  2010

Week Commencing March 8th

Monday got home from Florida at lunchtime and did class at our new venue Shipley & District Club in the evening. Nothing new in the early session, just lots of recaps. Second half of the night taught STUFF YOU GOTTA WATCH (Michelle Perron), we had done this before we went on holiday at our Wednesday class. Very popular at both classes.

Playlist for the night was :- Cowboy Strut, Country Walking, This & That, Grundy Gallop, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, It Hurts, Red Hot Salsa, Easy Come Easy Go, Life Without U, Picnic Polka, My New Life, Poker Face, Louisiana Swing, Little Red Book, Playing With Fire, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Just Dance Away, Hands Up, Go Mama Go, Galway Girl, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Beautiful, Broken Heels, Shoes Of Another Man, Wild, Cranky & Upside Down.

On Wednesday taught YOU AND I (Oli Geir & Hugrun)  choreographed to Someday by Hera Bjork. Have been wanting to teach this for months but thought the class might rebel at the 64 count Part A, 64 count Part B + a tag. They loved it, full floor all three times we danced it. Recapped STUFF YOU GOTTA WATCH (Michelle Perron) that we had taught just before we went away. Also quick recaps of  WILD (Craig Bennett), BROKEN HEELS ( Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell), UPSIDE DOWN (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie) & BORN TO LOVE U (Sadiah Heggernes) 

Playlist for the night was:- Tumbling Rush, J. Ho, Go Mama Go, Cha Cha Lengua, Poker Face, Fire On Ice, Mojo Rhythm, Bad Influence, Release Me, Time To Swing, Run, Louisisana Swing, Shoes Of Another Man, Human Dancer, You And I (twice), Cranky, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Just Dance Away, Wild, You And I (again), Broken Heels, Playing With Fire, Upside Down, Hands Up, Run, Born To Love U, Straight Thru, Life Without U & Rain Against My Window.

Week Commencing March 15th

Monday night was second night at our new venue, not as good a turn out this week. Taught “COME DANCE WITH ME” to the beginners in the early session and then later in the evening taught Oli Geir’s “YOU AND I”. This certainly looks like being a big favourite with both our classes, wish now I had taught it months ago when I first looked at it but was put off by the 64 count A, 64 count B plus Tag but it hasn’t been a problem.

Playlist for the night was :- Electric Slide, Little Red Book, Hooked On Country, Grundy Gallop, Wishful Thinkin, Come Dance With Me, Picnic Polka, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Easy Come Easy Go, Life Without U, Tush Push, Country Walking, Go Mama Go. Bad Influence, Mojo Rhythm, Just Dance Away, Louisiana Swing, Broken Heels, You & I (twice), Wild, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Cranky, Shoes Of Another Man, Hands Up & Straight Thru

At our Wednesday class we taught Dee’s new one from the “Awards” “ONE DAY YOU WILL” choreographed to track of the same name by Lady Antebellum. An advanced 2 wall dance with a restart on Wall 3 and a one count “taglet” on wall 5. A little tricky on the timing, I think we all need to work on this a bit more but it will certainly be worth the effort as it’s a fabulous dance. My personal favourite of the dances taught at the Linedancer Awards. Recapped “YOU AND I” (Oli Geir & Hugrun) another fabulous dance that was immediately requested to be played again, full floor both times. Other quick recaps were “UPSIDE DOWN” (Kate & Robbie) and STUFF YOU GOTTA WATCH (Michelle Perron) both very popular at our classes.

Playlist for the night was :- Time To Swing, It Hurts, Amame, Guantanamera, Cranky, Summer Breeze, Rain Against My Window, Bad Influence, Life Without U, Human Dancer, Poker Face, Release Me, Shoe Of Another Man, Playing With Fire, Go Mama Go, One Day You Will (twice), Upside Down, You And I (twice), Hands Up, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Broken Heels, One Day You Will (again), Louisiana Swing, Wild, Just Dance Away, Run & Straight Thru.

Week Commencing March 22nd

Better turn out at the Shipley Monday class this week. Didn’t teach anything new this week, just recapped a few of the most recent dances taught. 

Playlist for the night was :- Red Hot Salsa. Country Walkin, Grundy Gallop, Easy Come Easy Go, Come Dance With Me, Picnic Polka, Bosa Nova, It Hurts, Irish Stew, Go Mama Go, Little Red Book, Tush Push, Upside Down, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Just Dance Away, Shoes Of Another Man, Broken Heels, Bad Influence, You And I (twice), Rain Against My Window, Cranky, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Life Without You, Hands Up, Wild & Razor Sharp. 

Wednesday night at Saltaire was Party night, don’t usually teach anything on party nights, decided to teach “TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE” a quick five minute teach of one that we had done at our Monday class a few weeks ago. Good response for a dance that seems popular with all levels of dancer. Recapped “ONE DAY YOU WILL” (Dee Musk), more up for this one this week, can’t understand anyone sitting out on this one, a fabulous dance that is fast becoming one of my favourites. Quite a few beginners there so had a number of floor splits which are shown in brackets on the playlist. 

Playlist :- Bad Influence, Heartbreak Express, Amame (County Line), J Ho (Grundy Gallop), Galway Girl, It Hurts, Pot of Gold (Country Walkin), Rain Against My Window, Cranky, Release Me (Black Coffee), Poker Face, Mojo Rhythm (Cowboy Charleston), Shoes Of Another Man, Broken Heels, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, One Day You Will, Louisiana Swing, Hands Up, Go Mama Go, Coochie Bang Bang, Run (Little Red Book), Cha Cha Lengua, Upside Down, Just Dance Away (Stroll Along Cha), You And I, I Gotta Feeling, Walk The Line, Playing With Fire, Wild, Human Dancer (Swamp Thang), Stuff You Gotta Watch, Life Without U (Tush Push), Fire On Ice, Evacuate The Dancefloor (Hooked On Country), Straight Thru, You And I (again) & Broken Heels (again).

Week Commencing March 29th

Nothing new again at our Monday class, just lots of recaps. Will have to sort something new out for the early session next week.

Playlist  :- Cowboy Strut, Stroll Along Cha, This & That, Hooked on Country, Come Dance With Me, Irish Stew, It Hurts, Grundy Gallop, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Little Red Book, Life Without U, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Pot Of Gold/Country Walking, Picnic Polka, Playing With Fire, Bosa Nova, Go Mama Go, Bad Influence, Easy Come Easy Go, Broken Heels, Shoes Of Another Man, You And I (twice), Rain Against My Window, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Evacuate The Dancefloor, Wild, Louisiana Swing, Cranky, Upside Down, Coochie Bang Bang, Just Dance Away & Run. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire we taught the new waltz from Maggie “LOVING U”, fabulous dance to a fabulous track – “Not Like Loving You” by Nell Bryden. Don’t be put off by the Advanced “label” and 96 counts, not a difficult dance at all, just a fast waltz with no tags or restarts. Great hit with our dancers with everyone on the floor all three times we danced it.  Did a quick recap of  “TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE” that we taught at Party night last week. Also recapped Dee’s “ONE DAY YOU WILL” – love this one, and a quick run through of “YOU AND I” (Oli Geir & Hugrun), the number one dance with our dancers at the moment.

Playlist :- Crazy Foot Mambo, Amame, Bad Influence, Go Mama Go, J Ho, Amor de Hielo, Rain Against My Window, Louisiana Swing, Life Without U, Go With The Flow, Playing With Fire, Tumbling Rush, Just Dance Away, Shoe Of Another Man, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Loving U (twice), Upside Down, One Day You Will, Hands Up, You And I, Wild, Broken Heels, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Loving U (again), Release Me, Cranky, Human Dancer, Coochie Bang Bang & Run.