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MARCH  2014

March 19th


Chose the new dance for last night after seeing it danced at our Social on Saturday night. “ALL I CAN SAY” choreographed by Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward to a great track “Beautiful” by Frankie J ft Pitbull. No tags or restarts and not too taxing on the brain and was an instant hit with our class filling the floor all 3 times we danced it. Recapped last week’s 2 dances “HIT THE FLOOR” (Ria Vos), this is another that’s going to be a big hit at our class and was requested to be played again and “TIMBER” (Peter & Alison) which most had done before at other classes but now can be enjoyed by all the class. Also recapped Rachael’s “NEW YORK 2 LA” another floor filler at our class. Did quick walls of a few others as and when needed. One dance that gets every single person in the room on the floor is Daniel’s “DREAM LOVER”.


Playlist was :- 1929, 50 Ways, Black Heart, Liquid Lunch, Dance With Me Tonight, Knockin’ On Wood, Half Past Nothin’, Beautiful In My Eyes, Throw Away The Key, Pasanda, Cha Cha Lengua, Dream Lover, Dance Again, Fly High, The Story Of My Life, All I Can Say (twice), I Hope You Find It, Hit The Floor (twice), Timber, Wow Tokyo, New York 2 LA, All I Can Say (again), In My Heart, My First Love, Something In The Air & No Mans Land. 

Next Wednesday is Party Night at Victoria Hall, Saltaire with the usual fun quiz, stand up bingo and buffet supper, everybody welcome. Dancing from 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm, for further details visit our website www.best-of-friends.co.uk