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MARCH  2016

March 23rd


Another quiet night at class this week but still a great atmosphere and a great nights dancing. The new dance was another one from Maggie G “SECRET LOVE”, a 32 count, 4 wall Intermediate dance with some restarts and a couple of tags choreographed to “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix ft Jason Derulo. Don’t be put off by the restarts and tags, all easily recognisable, our class loved it with everyone on the floor each time we danced it. Recapped last week’s dance, another from Maggie “STAND BY YOU”. Last week we lost a few along the way but they all gave it another chance this week and they obviously like it as they all stayed on the floor when we played it again. Amongst the other recaps was “WE ARE WHO WE ARE” (Robbie McGowan Hickie) another big hit with the class.


Playlist was :- Alvaro, Fly High, Wow Tokyo, Alcazar, One Track Mind, Slam Goes The Door, Pop ‘n Drop, Beautiful In My Eyes, Darling Hold My Hand, Tuesday Blues, Black Magic, Your Loving Arms, Love Me Like You, Love Me Like You Do, Secret Love (twice), The Bomp, Stand By You (twice), Aint Misbehavin’, We Are Who We Are, Won’t Tell A Soul, Second Hand Heart, Secret Love (again), Making History, Sax, Better When I’m Dancing, Rock This Factor, Save The Day & Running.