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MAY  2010

Week Commencing May 10th

Arrived home from our Florida holiday Monday afternoon, just time for a couple of hours sleep before getting ready for the Class at Shipley Club. Didn’t teach anything new in the early session just recaps. Second half of evening taught “ I WANT THAT MAN” choreographed by Simon Ward & Jo & John Kinser, fabulous dance in my opinion  but did not get the response it had done at our Wednesday class where we had taught it before the holiday. Also recapped  2 of Maggie’s dances we had taught before our holiday “GAVE IT ALL AWAY” & “LOVING U”, plus quick walls of a few others. 

Playlist for the night was Stroll Along Cha, Grundy Gallop, Waltz Across Texas, Picnic Polka, This & That, Country Walkin/Pot of Gold, Come Dance With Me, Live Laugh Love, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Little Red Book, It Hurts, Wishful Thinking, Life Without U, Black Coffee, Mojo Rhythm/ Cowboy Charleston, Gleehab, Broken Heels, Toes, Upside Down, I Want That Man (twice), Wild, Just Dance Away, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Loving U, Gave It All Away, Coochie Bang Bang,  You And I, Shoes Of Another Man & Cranky. 

Wednesday night at Saltaire decided to teach 2 easy dances we had learned at Nancy’s class in Naples, Florida whilst on holiday. First was Levi J Hubbard’s “QUARTER AFTER ONE” choreographed to “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum and then Rachael’s “RHYME OR REASON” to Sugarland’s “It Happens”. Both received a good response from the class but of the two think Rachael’s probably most popular. Also recapped “I WANT THAT MAN” , “GLEEHAB” & “DON’T KILL THE DJ” 

Playlist was Bad Influence, Amame, Go Mama Go, Galway Girl, Pot of Gold, Wild, Cranky, J Ho, Release Me, Poker Face, Human Dancer, Gleehab, Just Dance Away, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Quarter After One (twice), Rhyme Or Reason, Rain Against My Window, I Want That Man (twice), Don’t Kill The DJ, Gave It All Away, Broken Heels, Loving U, Life Without U, One Day You Will, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Playing With Fire, Coochie Bang Bang, Upside Down & Tumbling Rush.

Week Commencing May 17th

At Shipley on Monday night this weeks new dance for the early session was “ RIDIN’ ”, they loved it. We hadn’t known what to teach this week so started looking through some old Linedancer Magazines and found this in one from 1997. A great choice, a fun dance that we hadn’t done for years. Also taught Rachael’s “RHYME OR REASON” which also got a very good response from the class.                                            

Playlist for the night was :-  Cowboy Strut, Duck Soup, Come Dance With Me, Picnic Polka, Red Hot Salsa, Ridin’ (twice), Country Walking/Pot Of Gold, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Playing With Fire, Live Laugh Love, Gleehab, Cowboy Charleston, Black Coffee, Rhyme Or Reason (twice), Broken Heels, Ridin’ (again), Gave It All Away, Loving U, I Want That Man, Upside Down, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Wild, Cranky, Life Without U, Just Dance Away, Coochie Bang Bang, Run & Razor Sharp. 

Wednesday night at our Saltaire Class we taught “ACAPELLA” choreographed by Johnny 2 Step to Kelis’s current chart hit “Acapella”.  We had heard good reports on this from a few other local classes who had already taught it, good response from dancers at our class and filled the floor all 3 times we danced it. A 64 count 2 wall dance with 2 restarts, nothing hard about it, quite an easy teach.

Recapped last weeks 2 dances “RHYME OR REASON” (Rachael McEnaney) & QUARTER AFTER ONE (Levi J Hubbard) both doing well. Also recapped “I WANT THAT MAN” (Simon Ward & Jo & John Kinser), this seems to be the big hit of the moment at our class. Also quick walls of “GLEEHAB” Gary Lafferty & “DON’T KILL THE DJ” (Kate Sala). 

Playlist for the night was :- Time To Swing, Bad Influence, Fire On Ice, Life Without U, Go Mama Go, Just Dance Away, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Release Me, J Ho, Playing With Fire, Rain Against My Window, Cranky, Shoe Of Another Man, Gleehab, Wild, Acapella (twice), Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Run, Quarter After One, Broken Heels, Rhyme Or Reason, I Want That Man (twice), You And I, Acapella (again), Loving U, Upside Down, Don’t Kill The DJ, Coochie Bang Bang & Gave It All Away.

Week Commencing May 24th

Last Monday night was Party Night at Shipley Club, a good turn out of both beginners/improvers and intermediate dancers so mixed up the dances throughout the night. Can’t do as many floor splits as we do at Party Nights at our other venue as the floor isn’t big enough. Don’t usually teach anything at our Party Nights but decided to teach  “QUARTER AFTER ONE” as we had done it at our other class and did not want them to fall behind. Recapped “RIDIN’” for the beginners plus a few other reminders. Everybody seemed to enjoy the evening which included a buffet supper, quiz and a house of Irish Bingo. Next Party Night will be at Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Wednesday June 23rd

Playlist for the night was :- Easy Come Easy Go, Little Red Book, Waltz Across Texas, It Hurts, Picnic Polka, Live Laugh Love, Go Mama Go, Upside Down, Grundy Gallop, Pot Of Gold/Country Walkin’, Ridin’, Broken Heels, Wild, Quarter After One, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Playing With Fire, This & That, Tush Push, You And I, Gleehab, I Want That Man, Come Dance With Me, Shoes Of Another Man, Life Without U, Rhyme Or Reason & Razor Sharp.

On Wednesday at Saltaire taught Ryan Hunt’s “NIGHT OWL” choreographed to Alexandra Burkes “All Night Long”, 4 wall dance with a 4 count tag at end of 5th wall, excellent response from our class who filled the floor all 3 times we danced it. Recapped last week’s dance “ACAPELLA” (Johnny 2 Step) also going well with the class plus quick walls of a few others. 

Playlist for the night was :- Crazy Foot Mambo, Go Mama Go, Amor De Hielo, Summer Breeze, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Human Dancer, Rain Against My Window, J Ho, Wild, Cranky, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Playing With Fire, Gleehab, Just Dance Away, Shoes Of Another Man, Night Owl (twice), Gave It All Away, I Want That Man, Upside Down, Acapella, You And I, Rhyme Or Reason, Quarter After One, Don’t Kill the DJ, Night Owl (again), Loving U, Broken Heels & Hands Up.