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MAY  2014

May 21st


Just back from holiday the day before and Celia put on a buffet supper to celebrate my birthday, unfortunately quite a few missing due to holidays, illness etc but still had a great night. Didn’t teach anything new but recapped an oldie which we had heard had been brought back at another local class with an excellent response. “THE REAL WORLD” (Ruthie B), a good choice and went down well with our dancers also. Did lots of recaps as we had been closed for 2 weeks which included “MONA LISA” (Daniel Whittaker), “BACKWARDS” (Rachael McEnaney & CountryVive), “BELONGS TO YOU” (Lizzie Clarke), “ROCK YA BABY” (Pat Stott & David Morgan) & “TRUTH OR DARE” (Karen Hadley).


Playlist for the night was :- Til Forever, Liquid Lunch, Knocking On Wood, Wow Tokyo, Boys Will Be Boys, Dream Lover, Something In The Air, Dance With Me Tonight, Fly High, Cha Cha Lengua, The Story Of My Life, Throw Away The Key, In My Heart, Timber, The Real World (twice), Mona Lisa, My First Love, I Hope You Find It, Belongs To You, Backwards, All I Can Say, Rock Ya Baby, Fall In Love, New York 2 LA, Truth Or Dare, Hit The Floor, No Mans Land & Jumpin’ Up.