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MAY  2014

May 28th


Much better turn out at class this week, we decided to teach our favourite dance from our visit to Nancy’s class while we were away on holiday in Florida. “CHA CHA BURN” choreographed by Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski, classed as an advanced phrased dance with a 48 count A, 32 count B, a variation & a restart choreographed to “Burn” by Kulay. Not half as difficult as it sounds and certainly worth the effort, just a matter of getting used to the pattern and once you’ve done it a few times and know the music no problem. Quick recap of “THE REAL WORLD” (Ruthie B) from last week plus recaps of “BACKWARDS” (Rachael McEnaney & CountryVive), BELONGS TO YOU (Lizzie Clarke) & “MONA LISA (Daniel Whittaker).


Playlist was :- Drive By, Knocking On Wood, Wow Tokyo, Jumpin’ Up, Something In The Air, Pasanda, 50 Ways, New York 2 LA, Amame, The Story of My Life, Fly High, Throw Away The Key, Beautiful In My Eyes, Cha Cha Burn (twice), All I Can Say, The Real World, Mona Lisa, Belongs To You, My First Love, Backwards, Cha Cha Burn (again), Timber, Rock Ya Baby, I Hope You Find It, Dream Lover, Hit The Floor & In My Heart.