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We were back on Marco Island, Florida at the end of April and looking forward to visiting all our friends at Nance Delaney’s class at The Vineyards in Naples. Nancy runs classes there on Monday & Friday mornings and a more friendly class you couldn’t wish to go to, we’ve been going quite a few years now and it’s just like going home. It was great to see them still dancing “FRAGILE NOT BROKEN” (Dee Musk) & “NIGHTSHIFT” (Kath Dickens) that we taught on our last visit in February, both dances big hits with her class. This time we taught a couple of dances while we were there, first was Neville & Julie’s “DON’T BE A DRAG” which received an excellent response from her dancers. The second week we went for something a bit easier and taught Daniel Whittaker’s fun dance “SUNSET MAMBO” which was also a big hit with the class.

 Also learnt a few new dances during our visits, which included Soul Food (Lorenzo Evans), Talking to the Moon (Joey Warren), Rumba Here Lately (Michele Burton), Come Rain Come Shine (Francien Sittrop), Mojo Mambo (Ira Weisburd), Jersey Girls Cha (Rosie Multari), Birds And The Bees (Michele Perron). Also did lots of dances that we already knew which included  I’m No Good, Burlesque, Wonderland Waltz, Hello Dolly, Everything I Do, Knee Deep, Hey Soul Sister, Hollywood, Bobbi With An I, I Run To You.

 If you’re ever looking for somewhere to dance in South West Florida go along to Nancy’s class in Naples, you’ll be made most welcome, she also has classes in the Fort Myers area.

Anyway that’s it for us this year in Florida but we’ll be back next February we love it.