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November 16th 

Another good night on Wednesday at Saltaire, taught the new one from Craig “MR WONDERFUL”, a 4 wall dance with a 4 count tag at the end of wall 2 and a restart during wall 4. Choreographed to “Mr Wonderful” by Allstar Weekend the dance got a mixed response from the class, a few saying they weren’t too keen on the music. Recapped last week’s dance “THE RUSH” (Peter & Alison), this a big hit with our dancers. Also recapped “DIRTY DANCER” (Niels Poulsen, Jo Kinser & Daniel Trepat) which seems to gaining in popularity with the majority of the class.

Playlist was Only Girl, Upside Down, Rhyme Or Reason, I'm No Good, Close To Paradise, People Are Crazy, Party Freak, Dr Flame, Burlesque, Cranky, The Flute, No Scandal, Amame, Alabama Slamming, Beyond Your Eyes, Poker Face, Mr Wonderful (twice), Hitched, The Rush (twice), You And I, Dirty Dancer, Move A Like, Devotion, Mr Wonderful (again), If You Were Mine, Rock Your Body, Love 2 Dance & My Motivation.