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Week Commencing November 22nd

At the Shipley class on Monday in the early session we taught an easy one that took our eye in Tampa "UNDER THE SUN", an easy 32 count 2 wall beginner dance choreographed by Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu to a catchy track of the same name by Tim Tim. Second half of the evening taught Craig Bennet's "BOX IT UP"

Playlist for the night was :- County Line, Grundy Gallop, This & That, Ribbon of Highway, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Just For Grins, Under The Sun (twice), Life Without U, Pot Of Gold/Country Walking, Commitment, People Are Crazy, Quarter After One, Come Dance With Me, We No Speak Americano, Playing With Fire, Little Red Book, Rhyme Or Reason, Bobbi With An I, Box It Up, Drip Droppin, I run To You, You're Amazing, Snap Your Fingers, Night Owl, Razor Sharp, Night Work, Pack Up, Nightshift & Unpredictable.

On Wednesday at Shipley taught 2 dances that we had learnt in Tampa. First was one that Sandy Albano taught, Rachael's "DON'T MISS A THING", a fabulous night club choreographed to "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aaron Kelly from American Idol. Quite a difficult dance but well worth the effort, 32 count 2 walls with a tag at the end of the 5th wall. Absolutely love it.  The other we taught was a much easier dance that had been taught by Junior Willis "WONDERLAND WALTZ" a 48 count 2 wall Improver dance choreographed by Rob Fowler to "Welcome To Mystery" by Plain White T's. Plenty on the floor for both of these.

Playlist for the night was :- Gave It All Away, Quarter After One, Rain Against My Window, Wild, Upside Down, Playing With Fire, Fire With Fire, Cranky, I Run To You, Poker Face, Plan B, People are Crazy, Nightshift, Fortune Foxtrot, Night Owl, Don't Miss A Thing (twice), Drip Droppin', Wonderland Waltz, Snap Your Fingers, Unpredictable, No Salvation (twice), Pack Up, Box it Up, Don't Miss A Thing (again), Coochie Bang Bang, You're Amazing, Bobbi With an I, Night Work & Everything I Do.