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November 23rd

New dance for this week was Rachael’s “DOMINO” choreographed to Jessie J’s track of the same name. Although classed on the step sheet as High Intermediate our dancers seemed to find it quite easy and they were dancing it in no time at all. A 64 count, 2 wall dance with one restart and some fun arm movements to a very catchy track that looks like being yet another big hit at our class for Rachael. Recapped last week’s dance “MR WONDERFUL” (Craig Bennett), a lot better response from the class this week with almost everyone on the floor both times we danced it, looks like another hit for Craig. Also recapped “THE RUSH” (Peter & Alison), probably the biggest hit of all with our dancers at the moment. 

Playlist was:- Rhyme or Reason, The Flute, Upside Down, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Drip Dropping, Close To Paradise, Amame, Dr Flame, Cranky, Party Freak, I Run To You, No Scandal, You And I, Alabama Slamming, Beyond Your Eyes, Domino (twice), If You Were Mine, Mr Wonderful (twice), Move A Like, The Rush, Devotion, Dirty Dancer, Domino (again), My Motivation, On The Edge, Rock Your Body & Hitched.