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November 2nd

Good turn out on Wednesday at Saltaire, new dance for the night was “DIRTY DANCER” choreographed by Niels Poulsen, Jo Kinser & Daniel Trepat to a track of the same name by Enrique Iglesias ft Usher. See the video of Niels, Jo & Daniel dancing it at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8PPfG-Edpk.  Got a mixed response from the class, some didn’t get up the second and third times we danced it, yet others said they really liked it as we both do.   Re-capped “ROCK YOUR BODY” (Francien Sittrop) taught a couple of weeks ago, this is a very big hit with the class as are ”IF YOU WERE MINE” (Maggie G) & “MOVE A LIKE (Ria Vos) which were also recapped.  

Playlist for the night was :- Amame, Party Freak, People Are Crazy, Drip Dropping, Only Girl, Burlesque, Plan B, The Flute, Cranky, On The Edge, Upside Down, Doctor Flame, Playing With Fire, Alabama Slamming, Beyond Your Eyes, Dirty Dancer (twice), Telling The World, Rock Your Body, Close To Paradise, If You Were Mine, Unpredictable, Dirty Dancer (again),  You And I, Move A Like, Devotion, Love 2 Dance, My Motivation & No Scandal