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November 9th

Another great night at our class this week. New dance for the night was Peter & Alison’s “THE RUSH” choreographed to “Lightning” by The Wanted. A 64 count 2 wall dance with 1 restart and an easy tag each time you finish at the home wall. Excellent response from our class with everyone on the floor all three times we danced it, looks like a certain hit at our class. Recapped last week’s dance “DIRTY DANCER” (Niels Poulsen, Jo Kinser & Daniel Trepat) which didn’t get the greatest response from the class last week but more up doing it this week and the ones that are really look to be enjoying it. Also recapped “ROCK YOUR BODY” (Francien Sittrop) another big hit with our dancers. Other dances that are filling our floor include “CLOSE TO PARADISE” (Hazel Pace), “MOVE A LIKE” (Ria Vos), “MY MOTIVATION” (Guyton Mundy)  & “IF YOU WERE MINE” (Maggie G). 

Playlist was Plan B, Upside Down, Lonely Girl, Drip Dropping, Dr Flame, Burlesque, I’m No Good, Party Freak, Amame, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, No Scandal, Telling The World, Playing With Fire, Close To Paradise, The Flute, The Rush (twice), My Motivation, Dirty Dancer, You And I, Rock Your Body, If You Were Mine, The Rush (again), Love 2 Dance, Move A Like, Hitched, Devotion & Beyond Your Eyes.