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October 4th


Very quiet at class this week as there were lots on holiday. The new dance was one from Maggie G “OPEN YOUR EYES”, a 64 count, 2 wall Intermediate dance that got a big thumbs up from the class. They are also loving last week’s dance “STORY OF A HEART” (Michelle Risley), think this should be a big hit for Michelle. Other recently taught dances that are filling our floor are “BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL”  (Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Anderson), “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” (Ria Vos) and “TIME TO SURRENDER” (Rachael & Simon), so many good dances about at the moment it’s such a difficult job picking when you only teach one per week.


Playlist was :- Second Hand Heart, I Came To Love You, Better When I’m Dancing, Italiano, Dear Friend, Delilah, Tongue Tied Up, Missing, Wow Tokyo, Wandering Hearts, Blessed, Everydays A Holiday, Refund To My Heart, Gypsy Queen, Slowly Gently Softly, Open Your Eyes (twice), Loves Just A Feeling, Story Of A Heart (twice), Lonely Drum, Beautiful Wonderful, Time To Surrender, We’re In Heaven, Love On The Weekend, Enough Is Enough, Open Your Eyes (again) & Scared Of The Darrk.


This month’s Social at Shelf Village Hall will be a week earlier than normal, it will be on the second Saturday of the month, October 14th. Everybody welcome.