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Week Commencing October 11th

Good turn out Monday night at Shipley, hadn’t intended to teach anything this week but at the last minute decided to do “WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO” choreographed by Pim Van Grootel. Had a real laugh teaching this one, great fun dance and they loved it. Lots of other recaps during the night. 

Playlist was :- Easy Come Easy Go, This & That, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, Commitment, Just For Grins (twice), Pot of Gold/Country Walking, People Are Crazy, Playing With Fire, Little Red Book, We No Speak Americano (twice), You & I/Smokey Places – Grundy Gallop, Bobbi With An I, Quarter After One, Life Without U, Rhyme Or Reason, Plan B, Broken Heels, Snap Your Fingers (twice), Pack Up, You’re Amazing, Night Owl, Night Work, Drip Droppin’, Nightshift & Unpredictable. 

Very quiet night at our Saltaire class this week, a lot of the class away on holiday.  Taught 2 dances this week, first up was “WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO” choreographed by Pim Van Grootel, an easy fun 32 count dance that only took about 5 minutes to teach. Everybody joined in with the fun of it as they had  at our other class. Second teach took quite a lot longer, Scott Blevins “NO SALVATION” fabulous dance that has been around a while but only just got round to it. A phrased dance choreographed to Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” and fits the music perfectly. Not the easiest of dances and we lost quite a few off the floor during the teach  but the ones who stuck with it did say they were sure they would like it once they had mastered it. Another week and I’m sure they’ll have it sorted. Certainly one of my favourites at the moment.  Recapped last week’s dance “EVERYTHING I DO” (Rachael McEnaney) and “YOU’RE AMAZING” Guyton Mundy, also quick walls of a few others including “DRIP DROPPIN’” (Kate Sala) & “SNAP YOUR FINGERS” (Rachael McEnaney)

Playlist was :- Quarter After One, Rhyme Or Reason, Playing With Fire, Upside Down, Poker Face, All My Heart, I Want That Man, Cranky, Wild, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Plan B, I Run To You, Fire With Fire, Nightshift, People Are Crazy, We No Speak Americano, No Salvation, Night Owl, Everything I Do (twice), Drip Droppin’, Snap Your Fingers, You’re Amazing, Night Work, Unpredictable & No Salvation (again)