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Week comm. October 17th                             

A sad night at our Monday class at Shipley, had to tell the class that we were closing as numbers had been dropping drastically over the past 12 months. A big problem since we had to move from our original venue has been the floor (not wood) and can be bad on the knees. Didn’t teach anything new in the first half but taught the one we did at Wednesday class before the holiday in the second half, “IF YOU WERE MINE” (Maggie G). Otherwise it was requests all night.

 Playlist for the night was :- Rio, Bosa Nova, Hello Dolly, Irish Stew, Pretty Belinda, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Playing With Fire, Something In The Water, This & That, Pot Of Gold / Country Walking (split floor), Party Freak / Stroll Along Cha (split floor), 1-2-3-4, Red Hot Salsa, Commitment, Little Red Book, Come Dance With Me, Haba Haba, Drip Dropping, No Scandal, Move A Like, On The Edge, If You Were Mine (twice), You And I & My Motivation. 

First night back after 2 weeks holiday in Tenerife so lots of recaps required as although the class had been open there was no teaching or recapping. New dance for the night was Francien’s “ROCK YOUR BODY”, an instant hit with the class. 

Playlist was :- I’m No Good, Plan B, Drip Dropping, Party Freak, Playing With Fire, Telling The World, Only Girl, Cranky, Burlesque, Upside Down, No Scandal, Amame, On The Edge, Dr Flame, Alabama Slamming, Rock Your Body (twice), Close To Paradise, If You Were Mine, Love 2 Dance, Move A Like, My Motivation, The Flute, Rock Your Body (again), You And I, If You Were Mine (again), Hitched & Devotion. 

Next Wednesday October 26th will be our “12th Birthday” Party Night at Victoria Hall, Saltaire, 7.30 pm – 10.45 pm. Admission includes raffle, quiz and fabulous buffet supper, everybody welcome.