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September 17th


Very quiet at class this week, half the class missing. Our choice of dance for this week was Rachael’s High Intermediate/Advanced dance “YOU’LL BE OK” choreographed to a fabulous track of the same name by A Great Big World. It’s a 32 count, 2 wall, rolling 8 count dance, not the easiest of teaches but our dancers did really well with it and by next week I’m sure they’ll have mastered it. Recapped last week’s dance “BAILANDO AMOR” (Kate Sala), this a big hit with our class and looks like one that will stay around and fill the floor for some time. Also quick recaps of “I GOT IT EASY” (Rob Fowler) & “FIREBALL” (Kate Sala) both going very well and a few others when needed.


Playlist for the night was :- Liquid Lunch, Knockin’ On Wood, Wow Tokyo, My First Love, Timber, Something In The Air, Ring My Bells, Dream Lover, Fly High, Hit The Floor, Those Were The Days, Belongs To You, Alcazar, Young Blood, One Track Mind, You’ll Be OK (twice), I Got It Easy, Bailando Amor, Truth Or Dare, Light On, Fireball, You’ll Be OK (again), Such A Fool, Borrow My Heart, Everything Will Change, Enigma, Walking On Air & All I Can Say.