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September 21st


In Blackpool this week for Waterloo Bowling finals week (Celia and I have been Crown Green bowlers since our teens) and made the round trip from Blackpool to our class, this is what you call dedication. Decided to go for an easy one this week, Vikki Morris’s “SOME GIRLS WILL” a 64 count, 4 wall Improver dance choreographed to “Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won’t” by Mike Denver. A nice easy teach that went down well with the class. Recapped last week’s dance Neville & Julie’s “KISS THE SKY”, this definitely got the makings of a big hit with our dancers. Also quick walls of “ROCK & ROLL MUSIC” (Rachael McEnaney-White), “GRAND MASTER SEXY” (Karl-Harry Winson) & “MAKE YOU MOVE” (Scott Blevins).


Playlist for the night was :- Slam Goes The Door, Darling Hold My Hand, Sax, Black Magic, Better When I’m Dancing, Second Hand Heart, Your Loving Arms, Well Do Ya, Love Me Like You, Tuesday Blues, Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart), Gypsy Queen, Aint Misbehavin’, From The Ground Up, Walk Of Shame, Some Girls Will (twice), Angels On My Side, Kiss The Sky (twice), Top Gear, Make You Move, Rock & Roll Music, Grand Master Sexy, Harden Up Princess, Secret Love, Shouldn’t Be This Hard, Maybe Tomorrow, Woman Up & Won’t Tell A Soul.


We will be having our 17th Anniversary Party (17 years as Best of Friends) on Wednesday 5th October at Victoria Hall, Saltaire 7.30 pm -10.30 pm. Everybody welcome.