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September 24th


Lovely to see lots of our dancers back at class this week for a great night at Saltaire. Finally got the step sheet for “THE OTHER SIDE” aka “WOW HAWAII” which will be known at our class from now on as Wow Hawaii as I find that easiest to remember. A great fun dance choreographed by (wait for it, I hope I don’t miss any one out) Rachael McEnaney, Kate Sala, Jo & John Kinser, Wil Craig, Niels Poulsen & Roy Verdonk and we’d better mention Louis for suggesting the music. It’s a 64 count, 2 wall dance with 2 easy “hang loose” bridges, was a very easy teach and got the excellent response from our dancers that I had expected. Took quite a lot of time doing recaps of the last 2 weeks dances as we had had so many away. First was Rachael’s “YOU’LL BE OK”, not the easiest of dances but we both absolutely love it although we have a few who have given up on it. The other dance which got a thorough recap was Kate’s “BAILANDO AMOR”, this proving to be very popular with all the class. Other quick recaps included “I GOT IT EASY” (Rob Fowler) & “BORROW MY HEART” (Travis Taylor) both big hits with the class.


Playlist for the night was :- Throw Away The Key, 50 Ways, Dream Lover, Fly High, All I Can Say, Something In The Air, Wow Tokyo, Such A Fool, Truth Or Dare, Hit The Floor, Belongs To You, Outcast, Alcazar, Walking On Air, Enigma, Wow Hawaii (twice), Borrow My Heart, You’ll Be OK, One Track Mind, Bailando Amor (twice), Light On, Fireball, I Got It Easy, Wow Hawaii (again), Young Blood & Everything Will Change.


Coming up in a couple of weeks will be our 15th Anniversary of Best of Friends so we’ll be celebrating with a Party night. It’s Wednesday October 8th 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm at our usual venue, Victoria Hall, Saltaire. Usual fun quiz, stand up bingo and home made buffet supper, everybody welcome, be great to see you there.