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Week Commencing September 27th

Nothing new at our Monday Shipley class this week, just lots of recaps.  

Playlist was :- Come Dance With Me, This & That, Grundy Gallop, After Midnight, Pot of Gold/Country Walking, People Are Crazy, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Playing With Fire, Bobbi With An I, Easy Come Easy Go, Commitment, Broken Heels, Little Red Book, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Quarter After One, Life Without U, Rhyme Or Reason, Drip Droppin’, Haunted, I Run To You, Pack Up, Snap Your Fingers, Unpredictable, Night Work, Night Owl, Nightshift & Coochie Bang Bang. 

At our Wednesday class at Saltaire it was “catch up” time, we taught Rachael’s “EVERYTHING I DO”, we knew a lot had done it at other classes (some as much as 3 months ago) but were surprised with the number that had not done it before. Generally a good response but as always at our class with Night Club 2 Steps a few sat down. Danced it all three times to the version by Brandy, haven’t yet tried it to the Bryan Adam’s version.   Recapped last week’s dance “YOU’RE AMAZING” (Guyton Mundy) – fabulous, going very well with the class. Also recaps of quite a few others including “SNAP YOUR FINGERS” (Rachael McEnaney), & UNPREDICTABLE (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson) both big hits with our class.   Other floor fillers at the moment include “NIGHTWORK”,  “NIGHTSHIFT”,   “NIGHT OWL”,  “PLAN B”, “DRIP DROPPIN”, “I RUN TO YOU” &  “FIRE WITH FIRE” 

Playlist for the night was :- Amame, Gave It All Away, Galway Girl, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Rhyme Or Reason,  Cranky, Fire with Fire, Cha Cha Lengua, Playing With Fire, Upside Down, You And I, Plan B, Quarter After One, Pack Up, Night Work, Shoes Of Another Man, Everything I Do (twice), People Are Crazy, Night Owl, You’re Amazing (twice), Snap Your Fingers, I Run To You, Coochie Bang Bang, Unpredictable, Drip Droppin’, Bobbi With An I, Everything I Do (again), Nightshift & Haunted.