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Week Commencing September 6th

At our Monday class at Shipley this week we taught “PEOPLE ARE CRAZY” (Gaye Teather) in the first half, excellent response from the class, they loved it. We danced it 3 times with everyone on the floor each time. In the second half taught “NIGHTSHIFT” (Kath Dickens) again a great response from the class and looks like being a big hit at our Monday class as it as at the Wednesday class. Recapped “DRIP DROPPIN’” (Kate Sala) another big hit at both classes plus lots of other recaps during the course of the night. 

Playlist was :- Stroll Along Cha, Cowboy Strut, King of the Road, This & That, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Commitment, People Are Crazy (twice), Easy Come Easy Go, Swamp Thang, Playing With Fire, Pot of Gold/Country Walking, Little Red Book, Heartbreak Express, Quarter After One, People Are Crazy (again), Rhyme or Reason, Drip Droppin’ (twice), I Run To You, Nightshift (twice), Night Owl, Life Without You & Plan B. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire the new dance was Rachael’s “SNAP YOUR FINGERS” a 64 count 2 Wall Intermediate/Advanced dance choreographed to a track of the same name by Ronnie Milsap. Quite a tricky dance that was a longer than normal teach but well worth the effort, (the last 8 counts seemed to be the biggest problem but we’re getting there). Majority of the class stayed up so with practise I’m sure it’s going to be another hit for Rachael at our class (they’re absolutely loving “I RUN TO YOU”). Recapped last week’s dance “UNPREDICTABLE” (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson), DRIP DROPPIN’ (Kate Sala), “NIGHTSHIFT” (Kath Dickens) & “HAUNTED” (Paul McAdam) all filling the floor. 

Playlist was Bad Influence, Go Mama Go, Rain Against My Window, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Pack Up, Gave It All Away, Broken Heels, Upside Down, I Want That Man, Cranky, Peek A Boo, Night Owl, You And I, Quarter After One, Fire With Fire, Up Up Up, Snap Your Fingers (twice), I Run To You, Unpredictable (twice), Haunted, Nightshift, Drip Droppin’, Night Work, Rhyme Or Reason, Snap Your Fingers (again), Plan B & Quitter.